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SanDisk InfiniFlash System
Massive capacity, outstanding performance, and superior reliability for Big Data and hyperscale workloads.

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SanDisk InfiniFlash System

Performance that Transforms Data Centers

The InfiniFlash System delivers 50x the performance, 5x the density, and 4x the reliability of traditional hard disk drive (HDD) arrays while consuming 80% less energy.1 With InfiniFlash, you can get the most out of your data center and give your customers experiences and services never before thought possible.

Capacity and Performance at Unprecedented Scale

With up to 780K IOPS and less than 1ms latency2, InfiniFlash is specially designed for media streaming, Big Data analytics, content services and other applications where high throughput and quality of service are critical. With InfiniFlash, organizations can scale up and scale out.

Breakthrough Economics

Breakthrough Economics

InifiniFlash hardware starts at less than $1 per gigabyte (GB), and breaks the $2 per GB barrier for an all-flash system without compression or de-duplication technologies.

Scale with Confidence

Scale with Confidence

A single InfiniFlash system features up to 512 terabytes4 (TB) of flash in a 3U enclosure and eight servers that can be quickly connected to achieve massive scalability rapidly.

A Spectrum of Solutions

A Spectrum of Solutions

No two workloads are the same so we’ve developed configurations optimized for block based storage, object storage and other situations. Our OEM partners have also created specialized bundles.

Features & Benefits

InfiniFlash System

SanDisk InfiniFlash System

InfiniFlash System - IF100

Open Platform

  • For customers with custom platform software including OEMs, Hyperscalers
  • APIs for easy integration

InfiniFlash System - IF500

Scale-Out Capacity
InfiniFlash OS Ceph

  • For large scale object storage-based apps >2PB
  • Block and object storage
  • Unified scale-out flash storage
  • Enterprise class, web-scale features/services

InfiniFlash System - IF700

High Performance
InfiniFlash OS ION

  • For high performance block-based apps
  • Traditional DB: Oracle, SQL Server, SAP
  • NoSQL DB: Cassandra, MongoDB
  • Application-based protection